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  • God and Silicon Valley

    The Silicon Valley/San Francisco region has one of the lowest church attendance populations in the US, 30 percent below the national average.

  • Mission America Summit

    At a national summit on the Gospel April 27-29 in Houston, Texas, we will discuss what is working and what is not working to see a nationwide advancement of the Gospel. Your voice matters as we continue to seek the Lord together.

  • Work Matters with CityUnite

    Wes Gardner, Founder and CEO of Prime Trailer, discovered the power of business in serving the community. Hear from Benjamin and Lauren, two Prime Trailer employees, about why work matters.    

  • California City Advance 2015

    California City Advance is designed for Christians who are called to the marketplace, pastors, ministry leaders, prayer leaders, and anyone who is interested in what God is doing across California’s cities. Teams will get the opportunity to connect with leaders of other city movements, and receive encouragement and equipping to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom in ways that will bring measureable spiritual and social change.

What is a Gospel Movement?

A Gospel Movement is a united, sustainable effort by churches and cultural leaders to transform their city by meeting critical needs and sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ.

Gospelmovements.org is a place for movement leaders to connect and share ideas, as well as a place of learning for those interested in initiating or joining a movement in their city.

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