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  • Gospel Transformation in US’ Most Powerful City

    Just a subway ride away some of the wealthiest and most powerful neighborhoods in the country is New York City’s 16th Congressional District, home to one of the poorest neighborhoods in the United States. It’s also the unlikely home to a revival of faith that is transforming not only the spiritual ethos of the neighborhood, but the community as a whole.

  • Life Remodeled in Detroit, Michigan

    LifeRemodeled, an organization devoted to remodeling lives one neighborhood at a time, is taking on inner-city Cody High School in Detroit, Michigan as their next project.

  • ReMoved: A Short Film

    ReMoved is a powerful short film that follows the emotional story of a young girl taken away from her home and put into foster care, seen through her eyes. It won Best Film and Audience Choice at the 168 Film Festival, Best Film at the Enfoque Film Festival, and was an official selection at the Santa Barbara Independent Film Festival.

What is a Gospel Movement?

A Gospel Movement is a united, sustainable effort by churches and cultural leaders to transform their city by meeting critical needs and sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ.

Gospelmovements.org is a place for movement leaders to connect and share ideas, as well as a place of learning for those interested in initiating or joining a movement in their city.

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