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  • HopeFest PHX 2014

    CityServe Arizona’s HopeFest PHX brings the community together to meet the immediate needs of uninsured, underinsured and underserved neighbors, and then connects them to resources that facilitate long-term solutions, independence and stability.

  • From Portland to New York City

    The Oregonian

    The Luis Palau Association is taking a model for city partnerships to the most influential city in the nation, New York City. Kevin Palau, joined by former Portland mayor Sam Adams, shared the vision for a unified, region-wide outreach and serve initiative called NY Cityserve with hundreds of leaders and pastors across Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, Queens, and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey.

  • City Movements

    The Luis Palau Association is collaborating with dozens of cities around the US as a “neutral convener” to help unite churches around their own story.

  • 55 on the Street

    Armed with burritos and smartphones, hundreds of New Yorkers set out to talk and share stories with Manhattan’s homeless on Cinco de Mayo.

      • Hope in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

        The book of Jonah in the Bible tells of a storm so violent it “threatened to break up the ship.” As the rest of the sailors aboard the ship prayed to their god and threw cargo overboard to lighten it, Jonah was fast asleep below the deck. When the captain discovered him, he asked: “How can you sleep?”

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What is a Gospel Movement?

A Gospel Movement is a united, sustainable effort by churches and cultural leaders to transform their city by meeting critical needs and sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ.

Gospelmovements.org is a place for movement leaders to connect and share ideas, as well as a place of learning for those interested in initiating or joining a movement in their city.

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