Nearly 1 in 3 families struggle to afford diapers for their babies. In some cases, moms and dads stretch the time between diaper changes to make their limited resources last. This can lead to serious health problems for babies and parents. Young children can end up hospitalized with problems like urinary tract or staph infections. These choices become even more pressing because the lowest income quintile of families with infants pay 14 percent of their income for diapers alone.

The federal government is working to highlight a cross-sector strategy to expand access to affordable diapers for America’s poorest families. Online retailers, diaper manufacturers and non-profits are partnering to expand access to diapers for families in need.

As a result of these efforts, Covenant House – a youth homeless shelter – will be able to double the number of diapers that they can order with the same amount of money – and they’ll cut the shipping time down from one week to two days. In addition, families in need of diapers can find local diaper banks here > > >

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