Imagine hundreds of churches and nonprofits from across the New York City metro area coming together to love and serve their region.

Imagine what could be accomplished if we built greater collaboration among civic, corporate, and church leaders spanning economic and denominational lines.

Imagine the impact if we could help establish sustainable parntnerships unique to each borough, region, and neighborhood, pushing towards greater levels of action and community involvement.

This is the vision of NY CityServe, a Gospel-driven movement that identifies, develops, and nurtures church-connected, neighborhood-focused collaborations throughout the boroughs of NYC in the areas of justice, mercy, and education.

Over the past several years, the Palau Association, led by Kevin Palau, has had the opportunity to gather hundreds of church leaders, non-profit directors, and business professionals to discuss the wide array of needs in the New York City region, dreaming about what it might look like to set aside differences, work together in unity, and mobilize thousands of individuals to meet the critical needs and bring hope to their communities. Through those conversations, the vision for NY CityServe was shaped.

NY CityServe is rooted in the Biblical values of justice, mercy, humility, unity and love, to be practiced through collaborative projects celebrating the diversity of God’s movement in New York City, in order to seek the peace of the city for the glory of God. NY CityServe is impelled by the Gospel, connected to churches, focused on neighborhoods, driven by relationships, and committed to diversity.

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